Funke Akindele is honest but sometimes brutal and selfish – Paschaline ‘Cordelia’ Alex

Paschaline Alex, the talented Nigerian actress known for her role as Cordelia in “Jenifa’s Diary,” took to Instagram to express her deep appreciation for her colleague and mentor, Funke Akindele. In her heartfelt message, Paschaline commended Funke Akindele for her unwavering support and honesty, which she acknowledges as instrumental in shaping her into the woman she is today.

Describing Funke Akindele as her “second mother,” Paschaline highlighted the straightforward nature of the Nollywood icon. She recognized that Funke’s honesty, even if at times perceived as brutal, has played a crucial role in molding her character and guiding her career choices.

From matters of personal style to career decisions, Funke Akindele’s support has been a constant in Paschaline’s journey. The phrase “If you like it, I love it” serves as a testament to Funke’s encouragement for Paschaline to embrace her choices.

Beyond the external aspects of life, Paschaline Alex emphasized the profound lessons of love she learned from Funke Akindele. The mentorship provided by Akindele went beyond professional guidance, extending into personal growth and self-discovery.

In concluding her message, Paschaline expressed her gratitude to Funke Akindele, affectionately calling her “Agunwanyi,” and conveyed blessings for the positive impact she has had on her life and career. The post highlights the importance of mentorship and the enduring impact it can have on aspiring individuals within the entertainment industry.

The Thespian revealed that the Nollywood ‘Box Office’ queen taught her to love and never settle for anything less than she deserves. She added that one of the most beneficial lessons Funke Akindele taught her was love, which supersedes every other principle of life. Paschaline wrote:

“@funkejenifaakindele, my second mother You’re always honest, although sometimes brutal, and made me into the woman I am today. From my hair to my clothes, all the way to my major in film, though it changed several times, your support never did. As you’d always say “If you like it, I love it”.

“More importantly, you taught me how to love and never settle for anything less than what I deserve. You showed me my inner beauty, a lesson that didn’t register until later in life but one of the most beneficial lessons you have taught me is the lesson of love which supercedes every other principle of life.”

“Thank you Mama God bless you Agunwanyi @funkejenifaakindele.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng