Omowunmi hope you dont have a hand in your husband deæth, Mohbad’s wife sister, query her, blame mother father for his death

The late Mohbad’s wife Omowunmi’s sister has spoken out against online bullies and those who spread false information about her.

The sister begged internet users to cease harassing her and to stop disseminating false information about her that suggests she was involved in her late husband’s demise.

She said that all they want is justice for the late singer Mohbad, and that justice would undoubtedly be served and those found wanting will be held accountable with the assistance of the relevant legal teams and the government.

She also queried why the father had to bury him in such a rush and noted that those who are involved in his death will never live long nor enjoy life. The sister concluded by stating that her sister, Omowunmi, is innocent and has nothing to hide.

In her words,”Justice for Mohbad is all we want and we shall get it with the help of the government and the legal team involved. No cyber-b*|lying or derogatory statement to the widow and son will be allowed. Why was Mohbad buried hurriedly within 24 hours of his death under the rain despite all the pleas? Mohbad, all those involved in your de*th will not enjoy life, neither will they live long. Omowunmi you are innocent, May you live long to be the mother of your child”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng