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“Is Segun Ogungbe Still Greasing It abi another helper is activated”– Fans Question Omowunmi Ajiboye As She Share Glowing Video Online.

Actress Omowunmi Ajiboye finds herself in the eye of a social media storm as she faces heavy backlash from fans following her recent video post on Instagram, where she shared insights on the importance of maintaining dignity in any situation.

In the video, she exuded positivity, advising her followers to stay true to themselves and cherish their dignity regardless of life’s challenges. However, the seemingly heartfelt message took an unexpected turn as some fans seized the opportunity to direct criticism towards her, particularly regarding her past relationship with ex-husband Segun Ogungbe.

As the video circulated online, insensitive remarks surfaced, with some questioning if Segun Ogungbe still had an influence in her life, while others resorted to name-calling without valid reasons. Omowunmi Ajiboye, despite sharing a motivational message, found herself entangled in a web of online scrutiny.

Undeterred, she responded by sharing a written message alongside the video, expressing her joy at being home and reiterating the importance of maintaining one’s values in the face of adversity. Her words, “Home sweet home❤️❤️👍💃💃, whatever is your situation, rich or poor, big or small great or otherwise, keep your dignity and don’t lose your VALUE,” serve as a poignant reminder of the resilience she exhibits amid the online criticism.

As the online community continues to dissect her personal life, Omowunmi Ajiboye’s unwavering commitment to self-respect and resilience echoes a powerful message about navigating challenges while holding onto one’s dignity.

She Wrote: Home sweet home❤️❤️👍💃💃,
whatever is your situation, rich or poor, big or small great or otherwise, keep your dignity and don’t loose your VALUE, ma so omo luabi e nu, do this and you will enjoy the prestige of keeping your Values, God time is d best👍❤️❤️❤️

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Omooba_ijiniga wrote: Na Nigeria I See Say You Cannot Decide On your Own Life Gangan….The Whole World Need to Decide For You😮So She Cannot Decide to Divorce and Remarry Tori Koye Mi🤷Na Una Dey Help Her Stay The Husband House una No Wiating She Dey Face Nawao For My Country People 😮

Adeola_spiritual Empire: wrote: @nifemi010 how can U type this kind of comment for a human being like u,a girl like u to be precised,did I stay with her?what did u know about her ,why are you judging her for what you are hearing from bloggers,this is a big sin,u will just sit down somewhere and start typing what is wrong ,that is not good enough @omowunmiajiboye stay cool,it is well

Shyday_omoologo wrote: Honestly I tire for all this people with negative comments oo their own dey their body oo

Nikkiamodou wrote: Hey honey enjoy your life, let them say. They are old fools.

Kemi_abibat wrote: Momma On point. Iya wa your kids are saying happy new year in advance . We still waiting for nkan odun ma @omowunmiajiboye