“Omoh Some Times Nothing Like Strong Man oooo”– Lord Lamba Send Fresh Message To Queen Chaat Goes Viral (Read)

Lord Lamba has continued to trend on social media over his baby mama Queen Atanga that got married to another man over the weekend. The full chat has finally surface where Lamba was monitoring queen hand and knowing the type of in which he was putting the engagement ring. But Lord Lamba might not be at fault here because everyone is just putting the blames on his head and no want to listen to his side if the story

Read social media reaction below:

Ms_lope wrote: He realised he wants to be a present father when she got engaged. Boyyy bye! Ada Nnewi is Oluwakemi now dear 💅

Ms_nma1 wrote: If only Lamba claimed her publicly all this for no Dey happen.. maybe na why kiss Daniel begin post him babe up and down… 😂😂 before he hear stories that touch.

_odogwu_nwayi wrote: Queen is Gemini. They love intensely but when they are over you,it is a huge bye bye forever

Akosua_asare_frimpomaa wrote: Real man ain’t let a woman beg him to post his own child … You wanted to stay anonymous someone stepped up as the dad to show her off why the tears 😂😂

Lolaisababygurl wrote: Enough is enough of this story. Boring please. Queen is married, pregnant again, Lamba will be fine. Nobody died. Everybody should rest abeg let’s see other news

Tbabyemioga wrote: February 4th?? This guy is just making me 😂. Who is advising him sef? Queen will win this case hands down cos she go get many evidence ehn. Instead of him to comport himself and reach a common ground with her, he’s using VDM and bloggers. Issokay

Akambisa wrote: In all of this what sweet me is Queen getting married to a sensible man who isn’t moved by this drama. In finding a man get you someone with sense, it will save you a lot🙌🙌🙌

Read the full chat below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng