“Today is your posthumous birthdate “OKO ELEHA”– Olamilekan Ayinla Celebrate His Late Father Posthumous Birthday

Nollywood actor Olamilekan Ayinla recently paid heartfelt tribute to his late father on his posthumous birthday. In a poignant post, he reminisced about the invaluable life lessons imparted by his father and expressed gratitude for the enduring impact those teachings had on shaping him into the person he is today.

In the emotional message, Olamilekan shared, “You may have thought I didn’t see or that I hadn’t heard the life lessons that you taught me, but I got every word.” He acknowledged the profound influence his father had on him, highlighting the importance of the strong foundation laid by his father, saying, “You built a strong foundation no one can take away.”

Referring to his father with endearing titles like “AJAGBE,” “OBANISHOLA,” and “BABA MI,” Olamilekan expressed his deep appreciation for the roles his father played in his life – as a friend, twin’s brother, father, hero, and a secure foundation. The actor credited his growth and values to the teachings and morals instilled by his father.

He further conveyed the enduring love he holds for his father, even beyond the physical realm, stating, “I ❤️ you on the day you go back to your creator, you will continue to be my first love even if I can’t touch or play with you the way I used to anymore.” The post marked not only his father’s posthumous birthdate but also reflected on the upcoming anniversary of his father’s passing.

The comments section was filled with condolences and messages of support from fans and fellow celebrities, underscoring the communal empathy for Olamilekan Ayinla during this emotional time.

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Hamzat_bakare wrote: Please accept my condolences…may he continue to rest in power inshallah Rahmanl

Christinne22 wrote: Awwwwwnnn 😍😍 , beautiful. He was really your twin . Happy posthumous birthday daddy . Keep resting.

Plutomaniababy1 wrote: If you get Snapchat issue either permanent or temporary locked let me help out on it 🫡

Bakareleshi wrote: May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus 🤲

Temmytayo91 wrote: 😢😢😢may his soul continue to rest in peace

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng