“Oko mi, olowo ori mi”- Toyin Abraham Displays Love For Her Husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi Ahead Of His Birthday

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has once again showcased her unwavering affection for her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi, as she anticipates his upcoming birthday. Taking to Instagram, she shared a viral and fun photo along with a captivating photoshoot capturing moments of public display of affection.

In preparation for her husband’s birthday on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, Toyin Abraham shared a heartwarming photo of herself and Kolawole Ajeyemi. Expressing her love and admiration for him in the caption, she wrote, “In Advance to my husband @kolawoleajeyemi Oko mi, olowo ori mi❤️❤️,” affirming the depth of her feelings and the significance of their bond.

The viral photo and the accompanying photoshoot not only capture the actress’s anticipation for her husband’s special day but also offer a glimpse into the joy and affection shared between the couple. Toyin Abraham’s public expression of love for Kolawole Ajeyemi resonates warmly with her followers, showcasing the beauty of their relationship as they approach this celebratory occasion.

She wrote: In Advance to my husband @kolawoleajeyemi Oko mi, olowo ori mi❤️❤️

Infotrend News reported that Toyin Abraham confidently embraces the title of the “World’s Best Actress.” During an interview with skitmaker Bae U Barbi, Toyin clarified that this accolade wasn’t self-proclaimed but bestowed upon her by her admirers.

Asserting her belief in her beauty, talent, and overall excellence, Toyin expressed, “I didn’t call myself [the world’s best actress], people called me world best because I am the world’s best. My confidence is top-notch, my beauty is top-notch, my brain is top-notch, my acting is top-notch. So, I am the world’s best. I didn’t call myself, they [fans] called me and I claimed it.”

In the interview, Toyin Abraham highlighted the prevailing preference for women over men in the entertainment industry, suggesting that female entertainers experience greater success due to their perceived emotional depth. She went on to disclose that her film “Malaika” stands as her most expensive project to date, emphasizing her commitment to quality by revealing substantial payments made to veteran actor Emeka Ike and other cast members, totaling millions of dollars.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng