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“Oh God, I want to diie” – Heartbroken lady cries profusely over breakup text she receives from her boyfriend 6 days before Valentine’s day (Video)

Six days before Valentine’s Day, a young Nigerian woman received a breakup note from her partner, triggering uncontrollable tears and garnering reactions from social media users.

A circulating video captured the distraught woman holding her phone, presumably having just read the breakup message. In the footage, her voice trembles as she calls out to another person, likely her sister, urging them to witness the message from her boyfriend.

Amidst tears, she pleads, “Come and see the message this boy sent me. Sister, I want to faint, I want to die, please. Pour hot water on my eyes, pour hot water on my nose so I can just die once.”

The video was captioned, “Our sister had breakfast before Valentine’s Day.”

The video caught the attention of many social media users as they took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

Some reactions are shown below:

✝️oluwani240 said, “Me na silent I Dey cry 😔😁 clean my eyes cry for night.”

BeautyGold❤️‍🔥💘🌹💖💝💕 said, “Come and cry on my shoulder 😫😫😫I feel ur the pains momma.”

Favorite🦋Edo😘girl💊 said, “Since 3 years na I Dey single nor ask me how I take Dey remove water for my body o.”

NOBODY WANTS ME WHY said, “The boy no dey financially strong so he need break try understand he will come back.”

goodness said, “story of my life, I chop my own breakfast last week Saturday.”

favvy❤️💍🛍️💐 said, “Come and see watin this boy Dey send give me 😭come and see watin this boy Dey send give me 😭😭😭 ahhhhh I don dieeeeee.”

🐯ODOGWU🐯 said, “them break person heart u dey video am😂….this one be time to video oh sis.”