Oga oh! Till now they still haven’t found your klller, Fans got emotional as they mark Mohbad’s 2 month death anniversary

It’s been two months since Mohbad’s untimely death, and online discussions have reflected on his life, with an air of sadness intensified by the absence of autopsy reports and a clear cause of death. Mohbad was discovered deceased in a friend’s car on September 12, triggering widespread social media discourse and police inquiries.

Initially, suspicions focused on his former record label manager, Naira Marley, and aide, Samlarry, after a disturbing video showed them physically interacting with Mohbad. However, subsequent arrests and interrogations failed to provide substantial leads.

Mohbad’s wife, Omawumi, was also brought into speculative discussions, with some suggesting financial motives for orchestrating his demise. Despite statements and investigations, no conclusive evidence has emerged implicating her in this tragic incident.

A poignant comment conveyed a spiritual perspective, expressing a collective yearning for Mohbad’s spirit to find peace only when every person responsible for his death is identified and held accountable. This sentiment reflects the widespread desire for justice and closure among those emotionally connected to this tragic saga.

As the two-month mark since Mohbad’s passing is commemorated, social media discussions are tinged with disappointment. One commenter highlighted the shame associated with the anniversary, underscoring the scarcity of concrete details surrounding Mohbad’s death and the prevailing confusion over the motive behind this tragic loss.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng