Oga Bello, Yinka Quadri, Femi Adebayo, others turn out in numbers for Jide Kosoko’s 70th birthday gala(VIDEO)

Jide Kosoko, an illustrious figure in the realm of Nollywood, celebrated a significant milestone as he reached the remarkable age of 70. To commemorate this grand occasion, the veteran actor pulled out all the stops, hosting an epic bash that saw an impressive turnout of his industry compatriots, friends, and well-wishers.

The celebratory event, held on January 12, 2024, featured an array of Nollywood heavyweights such as Yinka Quadri, Oga Bello, Dele Odule, Femi Adebayo, and more, standing shoulder to shoulder in a heartwarming display of solidarity. The camaraderie and love poured out for Jide Kosoko by his colleagues reflected the deep bonds forged within the Nollywood community.

Coordinated in white traditional outfits tailored for the occasion, Jide Kosoko, accompanied by his daughter Sola Kosoko and other family members, radiated joy and gratitude as he marked the milestone of turning 70.

Femi Adebayo, a respected peer of Jide Kosoko, took to his Instagram page to share moments from the lavish birthday extravaganza. The entrance of Oga Bello, Jide Kosoko’s father, and his mother added a touch of grandeur to the celebration. The venue was graced by the presence of esteemed colleagues like Yinka Quadri, Dele Odule, Baba Aluwe, Saheed Balogun, and many others.

The jubilant celebrations extended to the church, where a special service was organized to acknowledge and honor Jide Kosoko’s milestone age.

In a heartwarming video that went viral, actor Kunle Afod added to the festive spirit by joyfully showering Jide Kosoko with cash on the dance floor. This gesture created a memorable and celebratory moment, capturing the essence of the joyous occasion.

The grand 70th birthday celebration of Jide Kosoko not only marked a personal milestone for the veteran actor but also served as a testament to the strong bonds and sense of community within the Nollywood industry. The outpouring of love and well-wishes from colleagues and fans alike emphasized the enduring impact and legacy of Jide Kosoko’s contributions to Nigerian cinema. 🎉🎂🌟

Recently, Kunle Afod paid a visit to his esteemed senior colleague, Lere Paimo, fondly known as Eda Onileola in the Nollywood circle.

Capturing the memorable visit on his Instagram, Kunle Afod shared a video that documented his arrival at the veteran actor’s residence. In a casual ensemble comprising a T-shirt, shorts, and a face cap, Kunle Afod entered the house to find Eda Onileola comfortably seated in his living room, wielding a manual fan.

Eda Onileola’s face lit up with surprise upon Kunle Afod’s entrance, and he exclaimed, “Kunle, O mo bí?” (Kunle, so you know my house).”

The visit, marked by genuine camaraderie, showcased the warm interaction between the two actors and offered a glimpse into the personal connection shared within the Nollywood community. The informal setting, with Eda Onileola in his living room, added a touch of authenticity to the moment, emphasizing the bonds formed among colleagues beyond the confines of the movie set.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng