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“What Should I Tell Her?”–Viral Video Of Odunlade Adekola Wife, Ruth Adekola Questionings His Husband About What Happen Between Him And The Woman Under The Duvet In His New Movie ‎

Odunlade Adekola, the acclaimed Nollywood actor, has playfully engaged his fans and followers in a voiced video, seeking their opinions on how to address a curious inquiry from his wife, Ruth Odunlade Adekola. The actor shared that his wife expressed appreciation for his latest movie titled “Iwadi” but couldn’t help but question the intriguing scenes happening under the duvet in the film.

In the lighthearted video, Odunlade humorously recounts his wife’s curiosity about the on-screen happenings beneath the duvet, prompting him to turn to his fans for creative suggestions on how to respond to her inquiry.

This amusing scenario provides a glimpse into the dynamics of Odunlade’s family life and showcases the actor’s playful and relatable approach to sharing moments from his personal experiences. Fans, in turn, have joined in the banter, offering their thoughts and witty suggestions on how Odunlade could navigate the situation with his inquisitive wife.

As social media buzzes with reactions, one user, Eazy5.0, commends the joy of marrying a born-again Christian, emphasizing the happiness Odunlade experiences as a result. The interaction not only entertains Odunlade’s followers but also highlights the role of humor in fostering relatability and connection with audiences.

This playful exchange showcases Odunlade Adekola’s ability to engage with his fans in a candid and entertaining manner, turning a lighthearted family moment into an amusing social media interaction. As the comments pour in, it adds another layer to the actor’s public persona, portraying him not just as a talented actor but also as a relatable and good-humored individual.