“No be you the help me, I am the one helping you and feediing your family” – Portable calls out his show promoter, Billyque for allegedly riipping him (Video)

Okikiola, the industrious Nigerian musician widely known as Portable, has leveled accusations against Billyque, the event promoter, alleging that he was cheated. In an Instagram live session, Portable asserted that during his time in Kenya, Billyque, the promoter, not only failed to pay him for his performances but also allegedly kidnapped him. Portable emphasized the harmful nature of greed, stating that Billyque’s actions were driven by it. Furthermore, Portable expressed disillusionment, stating that rather than being a supportive figure, Billyque had been exploiting him.

“It is not good for someone to be greedy. You are too greedy. You are feeding off me. You are not my helper. I am the one helping you”.


Reacting to it, netizens noted how the singer always dragged all his workers and business partners.

One Iyabosola Jobi wrote, “It is not Portable’s fault. I blame Billyque because you know the kind of person this guy is, and he has dragged you before, and you still went ahead and did business with him.

One Jargaban wrote, “Your own too much

One Funmi Motunde wrote, “Na why person no dey help person murasii dey open mouth like a wild gate

One I Am Bdot Sticks wrote, “This guy they mad abeg. So you can just come online and rubbish people anyhow

One Otp Exclusive wrote, “Baba must trend one way or the other. Continue jare. Bloggers don dey carry am

One Bisgoldstore wrote, “Ungrateful so

One Jargaban wrote, “Very soon nobody will wanna work with you because you disrespect everyone that has worked with you. Ogbeni losing jare

One Korede Coded wrote, “After they lift you and page way for you, you will come for them and run them down. You keep having issues with everyone; it shows you are the one who has a big problem”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng