“What took my mother in a flash almost happened to me” – Nkechi Blessing recounts

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing, in a health-related move, has taken a significant step by clearing her Instagram, signaling a deeper issue affecting her well-being. In a photo shared on her profile, she discloses an intravenous cannula connected to her hand, offering a candid insight into her current health situation.

In a heartfelt revelation, Nkechi Blessing shares that the same health issue that claimed her mother’s life nearly took her own, emphasizing the precarious nature of life. She expresses gratitude for her survival, attributing it to her guardian angel’s watchful presence. In a prayerful tone, she seeks continued sustenance and denounces any negative forces attempting to harm her.

The actress’s decision to wipe her Instagram clean of all posts has left netizens concerned, amplifying the gravity of her recent health scare. In her poignant message, she acknowledges the thin line between life and death, narrating a near-death experience that reinforces her resilience and reliance on divine intervention.

Her declaration on the platform, vowing to stand strong against adversities and declaring herself a living testament of God’s goodness, adds a layer of inspiration to her narrative. As fans and followers express their concern, Nkechi Blessing’s transparency about her health journey invites empathy and support from those touched by her story.

She wrote …

“There is indeed a thin line btwn life and death 😊 but I stay THANKFUL to GOD that I came out alive and strong🙏🏻 what took my mother in a flash almost happened to me few days ago,but GOD said NO it’s not your turn….I stand on the alter of God Almighty and say Back to sender to the plan of the devil…cus I Nkechi Blessing Sunday shall not Die,but live to declare the good works of the lord🙏🏻”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng