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“Nigerians express shock: ‘Is it really at this point?’ in response to viral video of noodles packaged in plastic bags.”

Nigerians lament the nation’s severe economic woes and food shortages highlighted by a viral video depicting noodles sold in plastic bags. With the soaring cost of indomie noodles amidst the ongoing economic downturn, Nigerians are seeking alternatives to afford sustenance.Based on the video, the trader opted to package small-sized noodles in nylon bags to offer them at more affordable prices. Nigerians flooded the comments section with a mix of amusement and shared anecdotes about the unexpected increase in food prices across the country.

Here are a few reactions:

vevogee said: “This government, na only few people understand am and I no dey among.”

knedved007 stated: “People will eat plenty expired pastas nowadays”

shantelbaby_ asked: “E don reach like this? How many wan full person 😢”

iamstepee wrote: “If you can’t afford full pack buy half or quarter”

jesseypot penned: “Wow has it come to this stage 😂😂😂”