“Na This Kind Grace I Want”- Netizens React As Mummy Zee receive one year supply of Colgate, Lush Hair, Indomie for Waking Up 4.00 Am to Cook for Her Husband

Mummy Zee’s unexpected overnight celebrity status has become a catalyst for an outpouring of generosity, with notable brands such as Colgate, Indomie, and Lush Hair extending offers for a year’s supply of their products. The resonance of her heartwarming acts of service to her husband has elevated her story to a widespread and heartening narrative among internet users.

Among the brands extending their generosity, Lush Hair has stepped forward with a remarkable offer. They have not only pledged to provide Mummy Zee with a year’s supply of their quality hair care products but have also included the additional perk of free makeovers at their salons. This gracious offer from Lush Hair adds to the growing list of presents that Mummy Zee has received, underscoring the impact of her story on the hearts of both individuals and corporate entities alike.

Mummy Zee’s rise to fame serves as a testament to the power of authentic and relatable stories in the age of social media. Her selfless acts, particularly her dedication to serving her husband, have struck a chord with a broad audience, leading to a wave of positive attention and unexpected opportunities.

The involvement of prominent brands like Colgate, Indomie, and Lush Hair not only highlights the collective admiration for Mummy Zee’s genuine character but also demonstrates the potential influence of internet-driven stories on corporate philanthropy. As her story continues to captivate audiences, it serves as a reminder of the ripple effect that acts of kindness and authenticity can have in the digital age.

Mummy Zee’s journey from a relatively unknown individual to a recipient of substantial offerings from renowned brands showcases the capacity of social media to amplify narratives that resonate with shared values and sentiments. Her story not only brings joy to those who follow her but also prompts reflections on the broader impact of genuine expressions of love and service in today’s interconnected world.

They wrote …

“Hello @_Debbie_OA we are so proud of you and your love story and we would love to offer you a year’s worth supply of Lush Hair Products and free hair makeovers at our salon throughout the year.”

Also, Colgate has offered her a one-year supply of their oral health products.

Colgate wrote …

“Hello @_Debbie_OA, your story had us grinning from ear to ear😀

We want you to have more than enough reasons to keep smiling with a full-year supply of Colgate oral care essentials.

How do you want it delivered to you?”

Makers of the Indomie noodles said ..

“Well done @_Debbie_OA

We’ll like to show some love to your family with cartons of Indomie

Please send your address to our DM so we can arrange the logistics, thank you”

Check out reactions …

@Stunnerlife115 remarked: “Wait oooo your grace pass person when win Grammy oooo”

@Lupinikenga commented: “Abeg at this point I have to ask, which juju this Debbie woman dy use? This is out of ordinary, it’s so supernatural. See ehee, don’t play with The Grace Of God, e no be anybody mate”

@Obagames wrote: “Your Grace must reach me! My Games must Boom Today”

@Unclebeola said: “Omo, the blessing isn’t stopping anytime soon. So happy for you.”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng