Navy don pay my retirement money, Comedian Cute Abiola says as he parties hard on the street (Video)

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Renowned Nigerian comedian, Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Cute Abiola, has recently shared a heartwarming moment of jubilation with his fans. In a video that has been making waves across social media platforms, Cute Abiola joyfully announces the receipt of his retirement funds from the Nigerian Navy.

The humorous skit-maker, who transitioned from his role in the Navy to full-fledged skit production, takes his celebration to the streets, adding an extra layer of exuberance to the occasion. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine happiness have resonated with his followers, sparking conversations and excitement online.

This momentous development follows Cute Abiola’s decision, announced on November 4th, 2022, to bid farewell to his career in the Nigerian Navy and fully embrace the world of skit-making. The transition seems to have yielded positive results, with the comedian’s radiant spirit shining through as he revels in his newfound freedom.

In the shared video, Cute Abiola can be seen perched atop a moving car, adorned in a robe and hair bonnet, celebrating with a bottle of drink in hand. The scene takes an even more endearing turn when he kneels in gratitude, encapsulating the depth of his emotions on this significant milestone.

Captioning the video with infectious joy, Cute Abiola writes, “NAVY DON PAY MY RETIREMENT MONEY 😁😁 my body dey sweet me like this 💃🏻.”

As the video continues to circulate, Cute Abiola’s elation resonates with viewers, capturing the essence of his journey and inspiring others to embrace new beginnings with a similar zest for life.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng