“Na you the teach my Ashabi all the thing she dey do, I dont want to see you with her again”- Portable drag Laide Bakare for breaking his home and separating him from his wife

Nigerian musician Portable has reignited his social media feud with his baby mama Ashabi, signaling that his anger towards her is far from resolved.

Questioning the whereabouts of the movie star during his struggles, Portable pointed out that his wife, Bewaji, stood by him through thick and thin. He asserted that Ashabi would merely be a skitmaker without the inclusion of his name alongside hers.

The contentious singer claimed responsibility for revitalizing Ashabi’s stagnant career while cautioning her against speaking out of turn. He emphasized his role as her benefactor and caregiver, dubbing himself her “second daddy” and demanding respect as her husband.

“If they remove my name from your name, you are nothing but a skit maker, I raised your d£ad career…You are [email protected] were you when my wife Bewaji stood by me when I had nothing…When I talk you don’t talk, I’m the one feeding and taking care of you, I’m your second daddy, why can’t you respect your husband like your daddy”.

Elsewhere in his live video, he slammed Laide Bakare for her interview, where she advised married women to retaliate if their husband cheats on them.

Issuing her a stern warning, Portable warned her never to mingle with Ashabi as he noted how people like her destroy homes.

“For Aunty, whose identity I will keep under wrap went to do an interview saying if your husband cheats, you shouldn’t leave him but go outside and cheat. Is that good advice, you this Aunty that is acting film? I mustn’t see you with my wife acting film cause people like you will be giving her wrong advice and pushing her to do wrong things”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng