Na waiting all woman want be this, make them turn man to muumuu, Nigerian man raises bar as he uses hands to control fan for his sleeping girlfriend (Video)

In a heartwarming and considerate gesture, a Nigerian man has set a new standard for boyfriends by going above and beyond to ensure his girlfriend’s comfort. A touching video shared on TikTok by zubby2f_ captures this remarkable moment.

In the video, the man is seen sitting beside his girlfriend’s bed, where she is peacefully asleep. To keep her cool and comfortable, he manually operates a fan using his own hands. With a gentle and caring touch, he repeatedly rolls the fan to create a soothing breeze that fans her face. This loving act of service goes further as he also wipes sweat from his own face, reflecting his dedication to her comfort.

The video rapidly gained popularity, with countless individuals applauding this thoughtful and caring boyfriend as the “boyfriend of the year.” It’s a touching reminder of the power of small, considerate actions in a relationship and the impact they can have on the people we care about.

This heartwarming video not only resonates with those who appreciate acts of love and kindness but also serves as an inspiring example of the thoughtfulness and devotion that can strengthen the bonds between loved ones.

These comments reflect various reactions to the video:

super pascal: “Make sure you take good care of her for her future husband.”

Japito Man: “Nobody plans to use his girlfriend for rituals; sometimes, when you reach a certain point, there’s no going back, and you must give what they ask for.”

sureNonny: “It’s when she doesn’t wake up that you’ll understand that sleepovers can be dangerous.”

Nonzzykiss: “I can’t use a girl I love for rituals, but I still know we might eventually break up.”

Ryan: “You’ve got a red ‘kanayo kanayo’ fan blowing her air; I can’t afford a candlelit night.”

Hauser: “Single folks will say the girl ‘locked’ him.”

Raymond: “As my babe sweet me, I start considering rituals. Abomination!”

Big Jarz: “That guy played with his own in the morning, before doing whatever he planned.”

tata: “This guy knows how to pamper me when I’m asleep, even if there’s no electricity.”

chiomabliss: “Single people might think there’s some magic involved.”

Harryglobal 🗽: “Seriously, I don’t joke with my girl; no one’s daring to harm her. 😂💔”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng