“Na this kind of fans I want this year’- Muyiwa Ademola expressed joy as lady goes to Mecca to pray for him (Video)

Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola recently experienced a heartfelt and unexpected moment when a compassionate lady took him to Mecca to offer sincere prayers on his behalf.

In a touching video shared on his Instagram page, the lady, presumably a devoted fan of the actor, fervently prayed for Muyiwa and his family, invoking powerful blessings for the upcoming year. The emotional weight of the prayers left Muyiwa Ademola visibly overwhelmed and speechless, touched by the depth of kindness extended to him.

Expressing his gratitude, Muyiwa conveyed his appreciation to the lady for the heartfelt prayers, emphasizing that no act of kindness should be taken for granted. He acknowledged the significance of such gestures and how profoundly they resonate with him, demonstrating a humility and appreciation for the genuine concern and positive energy directed his way.

In his heartfelt response, Muyiwa Ademola went on to express gratitude to all those who, like the lady at Mecca, have offered prayers and support without his knowledge. This candid acknowledgment not only reflects the actor’s humility but also underscores the powerful impact of kindness and the unexpected ways in which fans and well-wishers touch the lives of public figures.

“Amen to your prayers 🙏🏽. Thanks so much for this my amazing sister. No act of kindness should be taken for granted, this means so much to me @temidayobabatunde74. To everyone that has done this without me knowing or even with my knowledge, all you wished me shall come back to you in a billion folds, you shall never lack anything good. Warafanahu monkana Aliyah”.

Last year, while joining thousands of people in mourning popular Ibadan CAC cleric, Michael Olowere, better known as Baba Olowere, Muyiwa recounted his only meeting with the clergyman. He revealed that he met him once and the man gave him a prophecy that came to pass.

Bading him farewell, Muyiwa described his life as a life well spent.

In celebration of his immediate elder brother’s birthday months back, Muyiwa recounted the pivotal role he played during his early career days.

The movie star revealed that when he started getting lead and supporting roles in the early 90s, getting costumes was difficult as he couldn’t afford them, so he would travel to Lagos to take his clothes.

Muyiwa described his brother as a spectacular human being, as he expressed his love for him.

In more recent news, Ademola shared the lovely conversation he had with his beautiful wife, Omolara Akanke.

Muyiwa Ademola, on Instagram, shared a photo of his dashing self with how the conversation with his wife ensued. The actor disclosed that his wife told him that he has not been aging and he’s getting more handsome as the day goes by. Muyiwa Ademola who at first thought his wife was petting him with swelling words, became happy after she reaffirmed her statement in a sweet way

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng