Na so they teach you for your house, Saheed Osupa shun Me Patapata After Making Him Popular and gave him king, Kola Olotu cried Out King Saheed Osupa Read more and Watch

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Saheed Osupa Left Me After Elevating His Fame, Says Kola Olotu
Renowned Yoruba media personality, Kola Olootu, has accused Nigerian fuji artist, Akorede Babatunde, professionally known as Saheed Osupa, of neglecting him despite his substantial contributions to Osupa’s music career.

Olootu made these assertions in a TikTok video, where he revealed that he played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event that propelled Osupa to prominence.

Olootu emphasized that he, alongside the late Fuji legend, Sikiru Ayinde Balogun, widely known as Barrister, was responsible for the monumental recognition of Osupa as the ‘fuji king.’

Olootu went on to express his frustration, noting that Osupa’s rise to fame and wealth led to him being forgotten and even treated as an adversary.

He recalled, “We meticulously planned this at my residence in Oluyole, after Saheed informed me of Baba’s (Barrister’s) impending birthday show.

I advised him to arrange for a crown ahead of Baba’s arrival, leaving the rest to me. When we presented the crown to Baba, his astonishment was palpable, and all he could utter was that we had put him in a difficult spot.”

“Saheed gained popularity and amassed wealth after this crowning, becoming a ubiquitous presence. Yet, I, the architect of this endeavor, found myself at odds with everyone. My intentions were pure, and I held affection for Saheed.

Today, he bestows gifts on people left and right, yet he never recollects the hardships we shared when he had nothing.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng