“Na me cause this n0nsense when my prlck no they stay one place, Portable shades his 3rd Baby mama

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In the most recent twist, well-known artist Portable has expressed profound sadness.

If you recall, Gossipinfo broke the news early in the morning that Portable’s third baby mama had used a live video to express her annoyances. She says? Their child was not being cared for by Portable.

These allegations weren’t something Portable took lightly. He retaliated against his third baby mom in a social media video that went viral by calling her a “prostitute.”

Never one to back down, Portable returned to his social media channel to make an uninvited recommendation. He warned men against having extramarital affairs, alluding to the repercussions he is currently experiencing.

“When they advise men not to have extramarital affairs, we don’t listen. I’m reaping the consequences now”

“He hasn’t sent money for his son in over 4 months” Portable’s second baby mama, Honey Berry cries out

Portable’s second baby mama, Honey Berry, took to social media to call him out for allegedly neglecting their child. Gossipinfo reported on this in the early hours of the morning.

Honey Berry, in an Instagram Live session, didn’t hold back as she accused the singer of being a deadbeat father. Her claim was that Portable hadn’t provided financial support for his son for a some months.

Honey Berry emphasized how another man had been shouldering the financial responsibilities for their child while Portable remained uninvolved.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng