Na lady spoiill lady Shaa, Understanding boyfriend dey try, Reactions as lady nearly goes nuudee for Tiktok video

A Nigerian lady recently faced significant backlash from internet users after she posted a TikTok video that nearly bordered on nudity.

This TikTok video was shared on her page, @babykanyinmi, as she was getting dressed for a university jersey day event. What drew the ire of many viewers was the fact that, at the beginning of the video, she appeared nearly naked, dressed only in her underwear and bra. This sparked a controversy and an online debate about appropriate content on social media platforms.

This has left many wondering, how far people can go to create content in this modern age.

See some reactions:

@OMOLAYO 💯💍🐝 said: Abeg next one make sure you start from bathroom 🙏🙏thanks

@Afolabi Abdullahi Ak wrote: Your own life don spoil o 😍

@Bisola said: influencer oshi 😂

@Richesta_damsy wrote: Understanding boyfriend dey try oooo😭😭😭

@HEISENBERG 🎩⚗️ said: The hustle is real 😂. We all know what we are doing 😂😂

@Heeqy❤️🥰😍 wanted to know: Where this life dey go💔💔..Olorun Shanu😩🤧🥹🙏

Watch video here…

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng