Na God blessing Alhamdullilah, Congratulations Pour As Popular Skirt-maker Trinity bought Brand New Benz Car Worth 60m

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Comedian Trinity has some exciting news to share, as he just obtained a brand new Ranger vehicle a few hours ago.

The skirt maker who celebrated the purchase of his new house last month has surprised many online by sharing a picture of his newly acquired Range Rover on his Facebook account.

The post gathered a lot of reaction a few hours after he posted the picture on his Facebook page.

The comedian rose from grass to grace after being arrested by the Nigeria Police force for minor abuse on one of his comedy skirts.

He was released on bail after my online campaign and pleaded to pardon the skirt maker he was finally granted bail.

A few days after he was released he unveiled his newly completed Mansion and today the comedian brought another new range over again.

He Wrote: Alhamdulilla Robilhallamin

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Recall that the Ibadan’s well-known comedian, Maruf Abdullah Adisa, popularly recognized as Trinity Guy, has recently acquired a new residence shortly after his release from prison.

Sharing the news on his official Instagram account today, August 10th, Trinity Guy proudly declares himself a property owner.

Previously incarcerated in Agodi prison for his elaborate pranks and inappropriate portrayal of a minor in his skit, Trinity Guy expresses gratitude to God for this positive turn of events.

He extends his gratitude to blogger Tunde Ednut for his generous support throughout his journey in the challenging realm of the entertainment industry.

The final image in his post captures a heartfelt moment, as he becomes emotional while reminiscing about his humble beginnings and current achievements, expressing his deep appreciation to the Almighty Allah.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng