“Na Agbero be my boyfriend?” – Man dumps his beautiful girlfriend over Seyi Vibez’s music lyrics

A Nigerian woman going by the name Amina has stirred up debates on social media by sharing her story of how her boyfriend broke up with her over lyrics from Seyi Vibez’s song. She revealed her surprise on her TikTok page, @meenart806, by uploading a message that said her partner ended their relationship because Seyi Vibez is her favorite musician. With his own musical approach, Seyi Vibez is without a doubt one of the most endearing musicians in the entertainment business. Top-charting songs like “Karma,” “Shazam,” and “Bullion Van” are his creations.

The young woman’s boyfriend, however, was not amused to learn that she is an ardent follower of the “Chance” singer. In the post captioned ‘How I lost my relationship,‘ the lady shared the WhatsApp chat she had with her now ex-boyfriend, where he made it clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

He clarified that he couldn’t be with someone who considered Seyi to be their favorite artist. He also mentioned how much he detests the fact that she sings the singer’s songs as if they are incantations. He stood his own and insisted on a breakup, but the woman pressed harder, wondering if it was a joke as he had earlier pledged not to end things with her. Her article soon gained popularity on social media as people commented on it and offered their opinions.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng