“N2,200 for rice and my wife and children never eat since morning” – Nigerian man breaks down into tears in market after he was unable to buy food items with his little money (Video)

A video circulating widely on the internet captures a Nigerian man overcome with emotion while navigating a bustling market, shedding tears as he grapples with the harsh realities of economic hardship. In the viral footage, his distress is evident as tears trickle down his face, recounting the challenges he faces in affording essential food items, notably rice, amidst financial constraints. The video’s widespread dissemination coincides with a period of heightened economic strain for Nigerians, exacerbating the impact of rising living costs. Audible in the video is his inquiry into the prices of food items, his anguish palpable as he realizes his meager funds are insufficient to make the necessary purchases, prompting a heartfelt display of sorrow.

He pleaded to the shop keeper for discount, stating that he needs to get food home to feed his children.

Despite his plea, the shopkeeper refused to offer him a discount, leaving the man to depart feeling disheartened.

The man’s tearful breakdown sheds light on the harsh realities faced by many Nigerians amidst economic challenges and soaring food prices.

Watch the video below:

As the video circulates on social media, people show empathy and support for the man by offering words of encouragement and solidarity.

Some reactions are shown below:

mechi_anndra said, “Skit or no skit,food stuff is actually expensive!!”

deroju21_official said, “2200 for Ibadan na 2500…if you still eat breakfast,lunch plus dinner be grateful”.

sweet_julie_whyte said, “This is painful. The inflation is at it’s peak. I no longer cook my favorites now, I cook the availability”.

sunday_agaga_40 said, “We are the problems of ourselves in Nigeria. Why would you even mention about stage. When you already know it’s what people are going through. And some politicians will read your comments seen stages every where and they will say among themself that most things on social media is stage. Why are we like this for God sake 😢😢😢”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng