My Wife Want Me To Have Six-Pack Like Those Young Actor –Funsho Adeolu spill,

While their English-speaking counterparts in the Nigerian film industry dedicate extensive hours to sculpting their physique in the gym, focusing on burning unwanted calories and enhancing their biceps, actors in the Yoruba-speaking segment of the industry appear less concerned with achieving a muscular physique. In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, renowned actor Funsho Adeolu remarked that many English-speaking actors prioritize physical fitness to the extent of developing six-packs, suggesting they lean towards modeling rather than acting. Adeolu emphasized that as a busy actor, his priority lies in maintaining overall health through regular exercise, questioning the necessity of having a six-pack when his focus is on portraying diverse roles and serving as a positive role model.

“In the context of Yoruba-speaking movies, once you reach a certain age, you won’t be cast as a young boy, so having a six-pack isn’t necessary. Keeping a six-pack becomes irrelevant because it’s not utilized in roles anymore. The focus should be on leading a healthy lifestyle.

“If you notice you’re gaining weight, take steps to address it. Personally, I’ve been a model without having a six-pack and have also trained in taekwondo. I’m not saying having a six-pack is negative, but it’s not essential for me. I can easily maintain a good appearance when needed.

“I transitioned from English-speaking to Yoruba-speaking films and find more fulfillment in the latter as I learn a lot. In the English-speaking industry, I don’t feel like I’m growing.

“Regarding celebrity marriages, I made a commitment as a child to avoid a broken home, having experienced it myself. I’m grateful that our marriage hasn’t faced any major crises. I respect my wife’s role in the family and ensure we communicate openly to resolve any issues. Our bond is strong, and we face challenges together.”

“Women like to be seen like they own the house and I allow it because I know that I am the breadwinner of the family. I do not lord it over my wife; she is my friend. If anything causes a rift between us, we do not sleep until we talk about it. Once we settle the rift, we settle it ‘properly’ as husband and wife and in the morning, everything is okay. She would smile before she leaves the house.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng