My Wife Just Doesn’t Get Me, Pastor Remote Gets Kicked Out by Wife in Hilarious Incident After Spraying Money Lavishly at Lawyer Kunle’s Event (Watch)

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Popular comedian Pastor Remote finds himself in a pickle after an extravagant spree at an event.

The comedic artist was captured showering money and even sitting atop the MC while scattering the bills.

Following the event, his wife gave him the boot since there’s now a scarcity of cooking gas, milk, and other essentials at home. Having spent all his money on himself, Remote found himself sitting outside, desperately searching for the MC’s number to request returning the money he had thrown around.

He also reached out to Lawyer Kunle, the event organizer, to kindly consider returning a portion of the money, since the event was hosted by him.

@isegunjohnson, please answer your phone 📞 😡
@thecuteabiola, you better answer your call too 😠 because it was your party we attended.

Take a look at the video below:

Witness the Reactions from Fans and Celebrities to His Video Below:

Thecuteabiola: 😂😂😂😂 Thanks for showing up. My phone is switched off now.

Officialyetundebakare: You guys take parties to a whole new level and I’m absolutely loving it 💃💃🤣😂

Olaniyan_tosin: This is so relatable 😂😂 I’d be fighting with my boyfriend endlessly.

Mrposolas: @isegunjohnson, you hailed me at my brother’s wedding in Sagamu back in 2021. I eventually got locked in a car because I wouldn’t stop spending. You’re truly amazing. I even tried getting all the money from your backup boys, intending to spend it for you, and they told me to spend it all. I’ll definitely TF (Throw Funds) again. Well, eventually, my brother instructed the bouncers to lock me in the car 😂😂

Posimi_fashion_collection: @isegunjohnson, it’s just like the way you sang it, and @woliagba_ayoajewole handed you the offering box. Up till now, nothing has changed 😂😂

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng