My Son Was So Broke, All The Money He Used For His Child’s Naming Ceremony Was a Borrowed And Thrifty, Mohbad’s Father Speaks On More Details

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A recent video featuring Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, has ignited reactions on social media.

In the viral video, Mr. Aloba openly discussed his attempts to obtain funds from his late son, the singer Mohbad, in order to buy building blocks for the piece of land that Mohbad owned.
The man in question admitted that the former Marlian signee had never bought any building materials. Instead, he revealed that Mohbad had purchased a piece of land registered in his son’s name, which ultimately became his final resting place. This revelation provides insight into Mohbad’s property ownership and the circumstances surrounding it.

Furthermore, Joseph Aloba made an unexpected revelation about the singer’s financial status.

He stated that Mohbad was experiencing significant financial difficulties to the point where he had to rely on thrift contributions, commonly known as “Ajo,” to finance his child’s naming ceremony.

Watch the video below:

This video quickly gained traction on social media, eliciting a wide range of comments from netizens. Some criticized Mohbad’s father for his statements, questioning the accuracy of his claims, while others were unhappy with the fact that he revealed such information publicly.

One sheisbrownsugar12_ wrote: “Maybe he does not want to give him.”

hypediva_zeeynee wrote: “This man isn’t his father. Period, If he still has mother on earth Omoh This man talks too much I believe the man knows more to his demise.”

seunfunmiyetunde wrote: “The only thing this man is concerned about is property !!!Ffs!”

lyhart_1 wrote: “Ahhhh see Wetin a feather dey talk ? Omo you’re not a father sorry so say.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng