“My Parents Don’t Want Me To Marry The Father Of My Child Because He Is A Mechanic” Nigerian Lady Cries Out

Courage Okeola, a Nigerian woman, has taken to social media to share her experience of her parents’ rejection of her desire to marry the man she loves, a story that has since gone viral.

According to Courage, her parents disapproved of her relationship with the father of her child because he is a mechanic. Despite dating him for two years before becoming pregnant, her parents objected to the union due to his occupation.

Courage revealed that her parents advised her to leave her partner, citing his lack of wealth or a prestigious job. However, she expressed her desire to stay with him, emphasizing their mutual love for each other. Additionally, she disclosed that her partner’s family had intended to formalize their relationship through marriage, but her parents declined their invitation.

Expressing concern that her parents’ actions could jeopardize her relationship, Courage turned to social media users for advice on how to navigate the situation. She sought suggestions on how to handle the circumstance, voicing her hopes to preserve her love for her partner.

“Pls no insults i need ur advice I am in a relationship now for two years and I av given birth but still my both parents wants me to leave my child for my man and come back to dem simply because my man is a mechanic

and he is not rich as they want and now my mans family want to marry me officially but my parent would not give dere consent and am scared i might lose him and i love him pls what should i do”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng