My Joy Is We’re Breaking Records, Bukola Arugba celebrate Femi Adebayo, Odunlade and Lateef Adedimeji

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Bukola Arugba, the former wife of Damola Olatunji, has ignited a significant response as she showers accolades on Yoruba movie actors and actresses for their record-breaking achievements in the industry.

Accompanied by a captivating image, she expressed her desire to watch “Jagun Jagun” movies on Netflix once again. She commended Femi Adebayo and his team for their outstanding work and extended her admiration.

In her words, she quoted the wisdom of a mentor, Tunde Kelani, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s culture and heritage in creative endeavors. She highlighted the remarkable achievements of movies like “Shaworo Ide,” “Agogo Ewo,” and others that were uniquely and authentically Yoruba, showcasing rich cultural aesthetics, costumes, folklores, and songs.

She emphasized the notion that striving to imitate others can lead to failure, and true success lies in embracing and showcasing one’s own culture and heritage. She asserted that a person’s downfall begins when they neglect their own roots and attempt to adopt someone else’s.

Bukola Arugba expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of Yoruba movies, stating that they are breaking records and gaining recognition worldwide. She hailed the achievements of movies like “Anikulapo,” “Ageshinkole,” “Orisa,” and the latest sensation, “Jagun Jagun,” crediting Femi Adebayo, Odunlade Adekola, Kunle Afolayan, and others for their remarkable contributions.

In her view, the success of these films transcends individual tribes, extending to the entire African continent. Her heartfelt post underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating one’s cultural heritage while making a lasting impact on a global stage.

Oluwabukola ✍️

She caption in her words ‘A father figure and Mentor Tunde kelani @tkelani says and I quote “ you can’t impress people from other countries (western world) by trying to imitate their culture through your works. In all honesty , over the years, he has proved this through his works; in the likes of SHAWORO IDE, AGOGO EWO, and many more; all done strictly in our indigenous language; Yoruba , with rich cultural display of aesthetics, costumes , folklores , folktales and songs. To buttress the above quoted statement , I will say it’s truly difficult to be someone else, cos you are not them, you can never be them , you only end up looking funny cos you won’t in any way look close to the exact picture of the original. Moreover, the only way you can impress the world is by presenting what is originally yours to the world , something they have never seen , something totally different from theirs; your CULTURE, your LANGUAGE, your HERITAGE.
A man’s downfall begins when he decides to despise what is originally his and starts embracing what belongs to someone else. Your culture is your culture. I’m super proud that our movies are breaking records , everyone is seeing it, different countries, different languages, different cultures are seeing our works around the world done in our YORUBA LANGUAGE . Thanks for ANIKULAPO , AGESHINKOLE , ORISA and the latest sensational JAGUN JAGUN by @femiadebayosalami , @odunomoadekola @kunleafo respectfully . For me it’s every tribe’s success not only Yoruba nor Nigeria but Africa at large. 👍🏽 👌🏾
Oluwabukola ✍️

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