My husband’s side chic gave me acid as organic product for clean my face – Woman alleges

A woman has called out her husband’s side chic for allegedly giving her acid instead of organic product for her face. In a video shared on Instagram by blogger Cutie Juls, the woman alleged that her husband compelled her to use an organic product for her face

According to her, her husband complained about her complexion and dull skin, hence advising her to buy organic products for her skin to brighten up. The woman stated that her husband gave her the contact of the lady who is her husband’s supposed side chic who is into skin care products.

However, instead of selling her an organic skin care product, she gave her acid for her face which has damaged her face completely. She cried out complaining that her husband has since abandoned her after her face got damaged.

Watch the video below …

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng