My husband change the way of my life from bad to good, Nkechi Blessing appreciates her boyfriend for changing her lifestyle (Video)

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Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing attributes her transformed way of life to the influence of her boyfriend, Xxssive. Her previously vibrant demeanor has become more subdued since being with him. During her speech at the Omoluabi Bitters launch in Lagos, she expressed her gratitude towards him for this positive shift. Nkechi pointed out that her boyfriend’s calm disposition has inspired her to adopt a more gentle online presence. She stressed that love has led her to embrace a serene demeanor, all for the sake of her partner. She went on to mention that when a woman loves a man, she naturally becomes more composed for his sake. “I’d like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the one who has completely transformed my life. His gentlemanly qualities have inspired me to embody a gentler version of myself. When you deeply care for a man, you find the inner peace to be more serene. To my beloved, I love you immensely and may God shower His blessings upon you.”

This isn’t the first time, Nkechi is appreciating him for changing her life.

Nkechi Blessing hails her lover for changing her life

In June, Nkechi Blessing praised her boo for changing the whole of her into a grown woman while adding that she wish other men could learn from him.

Dedicating an appreciation post to him, Nkechi Blessing described her boyfriend as the true definition of a real MAN.

The curvy actress noted how many think maturity is by age or how much money one has, however, it isn’t.

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