“My greatest regret is not getting married early, I want someone serious now” Timini Egbuson reveal

During a recent interview with Madeux Africa, actor Timini Egbuson reflected on one of his biggest life regrets. He expressed regret for not settling down earlier in life, acknowledging that he missed the opportunity to embrace true love with someone from his past. Timini admitted that it was challenging to discern genuine affection at the time and to fully open up to the possibility of true love, as it required letting down one’s guard completely.

In the same conversation, Timini shared his preference for dating Nigerian girls abroad over those in Nigeria. He explained how he found it easier to connect and relate to them, contrasting the experience with dating Nigerian girls who reside in the country.

Now, recall that back in September of 2023, Timini had revealed that on his trip to South Africa, thieves had broken into his house and carted away with some of his stuff including bottles of drinks.

Also, just recently he had ringed in his Valentine’s Day celebration with a fan. It all started when the fan had come on Twitter to express her desire to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Timini. Timini granted her that wish and even invited her to the premiere of the movie ”All is Fair in Love and War” which is being produced by actor Deyemi.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng