My fans are achievers, not noise creators, Debbie Shokoya brags as she shares good news

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Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya has shared her gratitude with fans in an appreciation post, along with some exciting news.

After the recent loss of her baby, the Yoruba actress extended her thanks to her numerous fans for their unwavering support.

She revealed that her realization extended beyond having mere followers; she possesses the most genuine, supportive, and remarkable fans.

Emphasizing their actions over mere words, she praised her fans’ consistent support for her brands and businesses.

Adding to the positivity, she announced that her business has experienced a significant boost, attributing it all to her fans’ contributions.

“I’ve come to recognize that I don’t just have followers, but the most authentic, supportive, and incredible fans.

I’m overwhelmed with love! Thank you immensely.

My fans are more than just talk. They’re action-takers who steadfastly back my brands and ventures, even the vendors I endorse.

In even more exciting news, my business has flourished. I’ve achieved remarkable milestones, and I’m incredibly proud and deeply appreciative of all of you.”

Debbie Shokoya Resumes Normal Routine

After the heart-wrenching loss of her unborn child, Debbie Shokoya is back in action.

The renowned actress, who took a hiatus from her career to attend to her child, has announced her readiness to step back into the entertainment industry.

Debbie has shared that she’ll be returning to work in September and is eagerly anticipating scripts from directors, marketers, and brands.

Expressing her gratitude, she posted a message of appreciation to all who offered words of encouragement and prayers, expressing her belief that they are indeed effective.

Debbie Shokoya Finds Joy Amid Pregnancy Loss

Despite her recent loss, Debbie remains steadfast in her hope and chooses to celebrate her blessings.

Declaring an end to her days of worry, she proclaims that her days of rejoicing are now upon her.

Urging her fans to share in her joy, she emphasizes her faith in the Lord, asserting that she is a strong and unshakable house built by Him.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng