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“My dear brother, thanks for being a senior colleague and a great friend”- Dele Odule celebrate his best friend Jide Kosoko on his 70th birthday

Veteran actor Dele Odule has taken to social media to pour out heartfelt birthday wishes for his longtime colleague and dear friend, Jide Kosoko.

In a touching post, Odule expressed deep admiration for Jide Kosoko’s dedication, talent, and unwavering passion for his craft. He went on to commend Jide for being more than just a senior colleague, but also a great friend, a big brother, and a reliable supporter. The sentiment conveyed in Odule’s message reflects the profound bond shared between these two seasoned actors.

Odule’s acknowledgment of Jide Kosoko’s mentorship is a testament to the invaluable guidance provided, steering them through the complexities of the entertainment industry with wisdom and grace. This acknowledgment underscores the significance of mentorship and camaraderie within the acting community.

As Jide Kosoko celebrates his special day, Odule wishes him a birthday surrounded by love, laughter, and appreciation from all those whose lives he has touched. The message extends beyond the professional realm, recognizing Jide’s impact on a personal level.

The warm wishes convey a hope for the next chapter of Jide Kosoko’s journey to be filled with continued success, good health, and the fulfillment of dreams yet to be realized. Odule raises a toast to celebrating 70 incredible years of life, artistry, and friendship, capturing the essence of the enduring bond between these two luminaries of the Nigerian entertainment scene.

In concluding the birthday tribute, Odule expresses the desire for this year to mark the beginning of another chapter filled with joy, adventure, and the realization of all Jide Kosoko’s aspirations. The message encapsulates not only a celebration of a milestone birthday but also a reflection on the enduring friendship and shared experiences that have enriched both their lives. Happy birthday to Prince Abdulrafiu Babajide Kosoko! 🎉🎉

Odule concluded his message by wishing Jide a happy birthday and many more happy returns.

The post has been met with a lot of love and support from fans and colleagues alike. Many people have commented on how touching and heartfelt Odule’s message is.

Odule and Jide Kosoko have a deep bond of friendship and respect. Their friendship is a testament to the power of the arts to bring people together.

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