“My dad is a Muslim, my mom is a Christian, but I don’t have any religion I am practicing– Mr Macaroni (Video)

Adebowale Adedayo, popularly known as Mr. Macaroni, is a Nigerian content producer and actor in Nollywood who has discussed his choice of religion. Mr. Macaroni, who had just defeated colleague AY in a table tennis match, revealed in a chat with actress Biola Adebayo on the most recent episode of “Talk to B” that he had attempted both Islam and Christianity but had decided not to follow either faith in the wake of the 2020 End Sars murder.

Sharing his change of mind about worshipping God, the 30-year-old comic star revealed that he was so depressed over the massive killing at the END SARS protest. As the self-proclaimed “Daddy wa” puts it, he feels deeply distressed by the survival rate of Nigerians, expressing a sense of helplessness and leaving everything in God’s hands without taking any action.

In the course of question and answer with Biola, he knows a lot of people who practice no religion that are successful in their endeavors. Mr Macaroni, who has not been in a relationship for ten years, made it known that anytime he wakes up, he always commits his ways to the hands of God and puts in his best at what he does.

The seasoned actor added that he has always known that he will be successful. In his words, “My dad is a Muslim, my mom is a Christian. The beautiful thing is that I did practice Islam and Christianity but now I’m practicing none, To every man has his own way”.

“Early 2019 I was depressed, End SARs for me was touching for me because a lot of people that love me then did not love me again because of my participation and involvement”. “Survival mentality in Nigeria is a curse, if you fit survive for Naija, you fit survive everywhere…….When I wake up every morning, I pray to God and tell him that anything that I’m going to do that will ruin the life of another person, I don’t want to do it”.

“A religion of love and peace. I have always known that I will be successful. I have a lot of Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists that are doing very well. There are lots of people that are not worshipping any God and are very successful”. “Most of the countries that are succeeding in the world did not leave their future in the train of religion, they have struggled for their success, future, prosperity. They have a system that works”.

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The post triggered massive reactions as commenters shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

its_mjay86 said, “The only sensible man in comedy industry that I know. Don’t come for me else Ogun lo ma pa e”.

salamiphatyma said, “Nigerians that hate truth and truthful people. He is so correct he lost many supporters post emd sars , but man, you gained my respect and support for life. Once I see you I like straight even before watching cause man to stand for truth in this country requires an undying spirit. Ko easy.”

gbolaclassic said, “U are right at some point… but trust me u need to have a way of true worship to God.. he owns ur life bros”.

officialgraceodaboh said, “@mrmacaroni1 we call u papa and call ur sister mama if u remember in tender care 🙌🙌”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng