“Marrying This Two Ladies Who Did Think Will Be More Gentle?”– Muyiwa Ademola Ask Who Will Be Best Wife Between Jaiye Kuti And Bimbo Osin

Popular Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola recently sparked curiosity among his followers with a thought-provoking question shared online. The actor posed a tricky scenario, asking his audience to imagine a situation where one man marries both actresses Jaiye Kuti and Bimbo Osin under one roof. The intriguing query left fans pondering about the dynamics of such a unique union.

In response to Muyiwa Ademola’s hypothetical scenario, Bimbo Osin, one of the actresses in question, swiftly entered the comments section. With a touch of humor, she urged Muyiwa to keep playing, emphasizing that such a scenario is beyond the realms of possibility. This lighthearted exchange added an element of banter to the actor’s playful inquiry, engaging his followers in a moment of amusement and reflection on the complexities of fictional scenarios within the world of Nollywood.

He Wrote: If somebody marry these two Beauties under one roof, who will always be the gentle one and who go be thunder ? Be sincere ooo! 🤣🤣🤣.

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Lawalmariam_mhimmy wrote: You are one of the best writer we have in this country. Gbarada is a very interesting movie. So touching u get Brian sir no be small sir keep it up we appreciate your hardwork. Gbarada with great lessons. Yahoo guys and thieves should learn from it

Mayor_phelix wrote: Though both of them are best of friends, if you apply the wisdom of Oga Bello, they will give you heaven on earth. Otherwise, expect gbas gbos from both….no dey judge by their character in movies.😂😂😂

Aajasachristiana wrote: Mummy Bimbo would be calm while Mummy Jaiye na fire for fire 🔥🔥🔥but fear quite people ooo na underground serpent dem be😂😂

Smartbee_makeover wrote: Walai l give the gentle to mum @bimbooshin she’s so calm and beautiful but mummy mummy @jayeola_monje l give it to you ma 😂😂😂😂

Yewandefamakin wrote: Lol funny many will miss it😂 fear calm people 😂😂 they have many things going on beneath their calm personality

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng