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“How Can You Collect Maka Girlfriend”– Drama As Mr Macaroni Collect Bolanle Ninalowo Girlfriend In New Comedy Skirt

Ninalowo Bolanle finds himself at the center of comedic banter in a new skit with Mr Macaroni, where he hilariously falls victim to a girlfriend “snatching” scheme. The playful exchange unfolds as Mr Macaroni, known for his rib-cracking comedy, manages to “collect” one of Ninalowo’s girlfriends in the skit.

Taking the humor to Instagram, Ninalowo shares a light-hearted response, revealing that the score is now 1-0, with Mr Macaroni in the lead. In good spirits, Ninalowo cheekily declares his intention to make a comeback, setting the stage for more entertaining banter between the two.

In the comments section, Mr Macaroni adds his own touch to the humor, asserting that this year, he is not ready to concede to anyone. The playful exchange showcases the camaraderie between the actors and their ability to weave humor into their interactions.

This lighthearted banter not only entertains fans but also offers a glimpse into the playful dynamics within the entertainment industry. It highlights the camaraderie and friendly competition that often characterizes collaborations between actors and comedians.

As fans await the next move in this comedic saga, Ninalowo Bolanle and Mr Macaroni continue to bring laughter and joy to their audience, showcasing the lighter side of the entertainment world. The exchange on social media adds another layer to the storytelling prowess of these talented individuals, creating a delightful narrative that resonates with fans of Nigerian comedy.

Chief_peter wrote: 😂😂😂in this Lagos u carry this kind girl out on the road u come Dey tell her story 😂 bro wait for it😂 that was how me and my 2 guys and my girl was walking on the road along eko hotel side 😂😂😂😂😂 I cannot complete the story because is too long baba😭😭

Nabriko_benjamin wrote: Makanaki mind real Dey 😂 hustle this Year oh 😂 if you dey play order years

Onajole_racheal wrote:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂When Maka will do his own na, daddy wee be screaming oooo😂😂😂

Oluwapelumitimie112 wrote: You’re invisible to them 😂😂😂😂😂😂 no free for mr macaroni too 😂

Abefebabatunde06 wrote: @iamnino_b just let him that oti set bayen boss no gree for anybody abeg 💯

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