“He suppose fall down” – Moment Sam Larry loses balance at K1 De Ultimate new year fest, video trends (Watch)

Sam Larry’s appearance at the K1 De Ultimate “All White New Year Fest” has stirred online discussions, sparking heightened interest, especially in light of his association with singer Naira Marley. Such public events attended by notable personalities often become focal points for conversations within the online community, and this occasion is no exception.

Notably, Sam Larry’s presence has reignited past controversies, particularly regarding his alleged mistreatment of the late Mohbad, as depicted in videos circulating online. The footage has led to a resurgence of criticism against Sam Larry, with Nigerians expressing their disapproval of his past actions.

It’s worth recalling that Sam Larry and Naira Marley faced legal issues in connection with Mohbad’s death, resulting in their arrest. However, they were later released by the court on a N20 million bail.

In a video from the star-studded K1 De Ultimate All White New Year Fest, Sam Larry took to the stage to greet the Fuji Icon. However, an unexpected moment occurred as he missed his steps, momentarily losing balance while ascending the staircase. Despite the minor mishap, Sam Larry quickly regained his composure, brushing off the incident and proceeding with the greeting.

The video captures a mixed reception from the crowd, with some applauding Sam Larry’s presence while others expressed a cold reception. The contrasting reactions highlight the diverse opinions within the audience, reflecting the complex dynamics of public perception and the lingering impact of past controversies.

As the video circulates online, it fuels ongoing discussions about Sam Larry’s actions, his association with Naira Marley, and the response from the public at the K1 De Ultimate “All White New Year Fest.” The incident serves as a reminder of the interconnected nature of celebrity culture, social media scrutiny, and the enduring impact of past controversies on public perception.

See reactions below;

mc_kabiyesi: Nigerians Eeeeen 🤔 mouth too much 😢 this guy come out even enter crowd, nobody do am anything oooo but for social media many people don kill am, bury am join.

poshtenny_olah: The drummer face reaction 😢😂😂.

oluwamoroty: Person wey den suppose trow stone 🪨.

akinwumiadio: Only God know the truth,I don’t av any right to blame anybody, either naira or Sam,bcos am not there,my own contributn is don’t allow anyone to kill you,because who die no dey do case,and no gree for anybody….

officialaycovenant: See as KC dey smile even hug am….oga o.

beccah_businesshub: Bully 😢😢😢.

callmetanwa00: Can anyone spot that baba drummer 🥁? The man wan use opportunity knack larry brick for head???😂😂😂😂.

yommy_breeze10: Murder Larry

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng