Mohbad: I Would Have Died In Hands Of My Former Record Label, Harrysong Recounts Painful ExperiencePublished

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The passing of Nigerian singer Mohbad has prompted singer Harrison Tare Okiri, widely known as Harrysong, to reflect on the challenges he faced in his former record label. Harrysong, who was once signed to Five Star Music, owned by E-money, shared his harrowing experiences in a condolence message for Mohbad on his Instagram account.

In his post, Harrysong revealed the torment and bullying he endured during his time with the label. He expressed gratitude for the grace of God and the support of a few loyal individuals who helped him navigate those challenging times.

Harrysong recounted how he faced constant attacks, abuse, and harassment, all because he wanted to leave the label and pursue his own growth and career. He described this period as hellish, with the general public believing negative narratives about him that were perpetuated by the label.

He also mentioned that fans, supporters, and show promoters were influenced by these falsehoods, leading to bullying and mistreatment directed at him. Harrysong highlighted the impact of the label’s obsession with control and supremacy, emphasizing the need for record labels to prioritize the well-being of young talents and avoid destructive power struggles.

The singer’s revelation sheds light on the harsh realities faced by artists within the music industry and underscores the importance of creating an environment where artists can thrive and pursue their creative dreams without fear or intimidation.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng