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“You are such a good man and a true definition of friendship” Mo Bimpe lavish praises on Itele as he marks birthday

Nollywood star Mo Bimpe took to her Instagram page to shower accolades on her fellow actor, Itele, as he celebrates his birthday. Describing Itele as a good man, highly intelligent, humble, and loyal, Mo Bimpe expressed the depth of their friendship and the various roles he plays in her life.

In her heartfelt message, Mo Bimpe referred to Itele as her big brother, friend, gist partner, teacher, and supporter. She highlighted his exceptional qualities and creative talents, emphasizing the true essence of friendship embodied by Itele.

Mo Bimpe extended her appreciation for Itele’s unwavering support for her family, expressing gratitude for his continued love and presence in their lives. She recognized the significance of having him in her corner and celebrated the bond they share.

The actress concluded her message by expressing love and appreciation for Itele, wishing him a year filled with big moves, joy, and celebrations. The post reflects the camaraderie and mutual admiration between actors within the Nollywood industry, showcasing the importance of genuine friendships and support networks.

She appreciated him for his unwavering support for her family, especially his continued love for them and for always being by his corner.

“Yaaay it’s our birthday 🎉 💃ICON! You’re such a good man! The true definition of Friendship is my big brother, my friend, my gist partner, my teacher, my supporter, a very humble and loyal man, highly intelligent, highly talented, highly creative
Thank you so much for your unwavering support for my family, thank you for the continued love
Thank you for always being in my corner
Hubby and I love and appreciate you hugely
This year, let’s make BIG MOVES
This year will be your best year yet Insha Allah
This year, you’ll have plenty of reasons to rejoice and celebrate
I celebrate you pappy.
Enjoy your day icon”.