Men Also Deserve Love Let Piity Them- Omobewaji Speak On Why Their Are Many Mother Day

Nollywood star Omobewaji of Lagos is urging men to prioritize their health and lifestyle, highlighting the imbalance in aging between men and women. Taking to the microblogging platform X, she emphasized how men often sacrifice their well-being to provide for their families, resulting in more elderly women than men. She encouraged men to lighten their burdens and responsibilities for better health and mental well-being.

While standing against being a deadbeat father, she insisted that men need to take breaks when due to rescue themselves from premature deaths.

Why there are more grandmas than grandpas
“Dear MAN!
You are not a robot
You are not God
You are human
You have blood flowing through your veins
You are somebody’s child
You deserve love
You deserve care
You deserve to show emotions when necessary
You are allowed to take a break when overwhelmed
You deserve…
A partner that helps you without tearing you down !
You are important too
Whilst trying to take care of everyone, take care of you too!
Dear Man! Pls don’t die!!!
Wondering why we have grandmas than grandpas!
Because you “Man”allow yourself to be overwhelmed !
As long as you are Not a deadbeat !
You deserve the love n care society shows the “woman”!
Dear man ! Feel free to ask for help !
Make sure your health is prioritised !
Know God
Love him
He ll teach you
Dear MAN
Plsss stay alive!!!!”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng