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Meet Top 10 Highest Earning Yoruba Actress And Actors Of Year 2023 With Approximate Net worth Of 9Billion (Full List Below) ‎

Nigeria’s entertainment industry, particularly its Yoruba film sector, boasts a cadre of exceptionally talented actresses who have not only made a mark in their acting careers but have also diversified their income streams. Among them, Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, and Mercy Aigbe stand out as some of the wealthiest Yoruba actresses, combining their acting prowess with successful brand endorsements and thriving businesses.

1. **Funke Akindele:**
– Popularly known as Jenifa, Funke Akindele has become an iconic figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Her wealth is not solely derived from acting but is also significantly augmented by her business ventures. Funke is the CEO of Scene One Film Production, a film and television production company. She’s also an ambassador for several top brands, showcasing her influence and marketability beyond the screen.

2. **Toyin Abraham:**
– Toyin Abraham has carved a niche for herself in the Yoruba film industry with her exceptional acting skills. Beyond acting, she has diversified her income through brand endorsements and successful business ventures. Toyin is the CEO of Toyin Abraham Films, and her popularity has made her a sought-after brand ambassador. Her entrepreneurial spirit has contributed significantly to her financial success.

3. **Mercy Aigbe:**
– Mercy Aigbe, with her stunning performances, has not only established herself as a top Yoruba actress but has also ventured into fashion and real estate. She owns Mag Divas Boutique and has invested in real estate properties. Mercy’s influence extends to endorsements, making her one of the financially successful figures in the Yoruba film industry.

While these actresses are often cited among the wealthiest in the Yoruba film sector, it’s important to note that precise wealth rankings can be elusive due to the private nature of personal finances. The actresses mentioned exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that many in the industry embrace, leveraging their fame for successful business ventures and securing lucrative brand partnerships.

For the latest and most accurate information regarding the financial status of these actresses, checking recent updates, interviews, or official statements is recommended. Their ability to seamlessly transition from the screen to business ventures underscores their resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Funke Akindele – $7.6 million

Funke Akindele plays at Hammersmith Apollo in London, England, as part of the Wizkid Starboy Tour. Pictured by Joseph Okpako
Getty Images is the source.

Full name: Olufunke Ayotunde Akindele-Bello
Date of birth: 24 August 1977
Age: 45 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
Funke Akindele is an actress, producer, and politician from Nigeria.

Her production credits include 13th Day: Ojó ketàlá, The Return of Jenifa, and Battle on Buka Street. Due to her part in the movie Jenifa, Funkie gained fame.

She was put forward by the People’s Democratic Party as their gubernatorial candidate for the Lagos State governorship in 2023. She was named the best actress in a leading role at the 2009 African Movie Academy Awards. It is believed that she is worth $7.6 million.

2. Sola Sobowale – $5 million

At the The Elgin in Toronto, Canada, during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, Sola Sobowale is present at the premiere of The Wedding Party. Alberto E. Rodriguez is pictured.

Full name: Sola Sobowale
Date of birth: 26 December 1965
Age: 57 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Ondo, Nigeria

Sola Sobowale is a film producer, screenwriter, and actress. When she appeared in the drama series Super Story: Oh Father, Oh Daughter in 2001, she had her big break.

has additionally authored the screenplay and produced the movie Ayomida. Both the 2019 New Vision International Film Festival and the 2019 African Movie Academy Awards have been won by her. An estimate of the actress’s net worth is $5 million.

3. Iyabo Ojo – $1.9 million

Full name: Alice Iyabo Ojo
Date of birth: 21 December 1977
Age: 45 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Iyabo Ojo works as a producer, director, and actress. Her roles in movies including Black Val, Beyond Disability, and Astray have made her well-known. Iyabo is a nine-time film producer and five-time screenwriter.

She runs the Pinkies Foundation, an NGO that helps underprivileged and special needs kids. It is said that she has a $1.9 million net worth.

4. Toyin Abraham – $1.6 million

Full name: Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi
Date of birth: 5 September 1982
Age: 40 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Auchi, Nigeria

Famous roles in films like Diamonds in the Sky, Ijakumo: The Born Again Str*pper, What Makes You Tick, and Don’t Get Mad Get Even have made Toyin Abraham a household name. In addition, Toyin has produced eleven films and written the scripts for four more.

She took home the Best Supporting Actress feature film award from the 2017 Five Continents International Film Festival. Toyin served as an ambassador for a number of products and businesses, including Revolution Plus Properties and Checkers Custard Nigeria, a real estate company with offices in Lagos. It is claimed that she is worth $1.6 million.

5. Mercy Aigbe – $1 million

Full name: Mercy Aigbe
Date of birth: 1 January 1978
Age: 45 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Benin City, Nigeria

Mercy Aigbe gained notoriety for her roles in movies including Brotherhood, The Other Side of the Coin, The Screenplay, and Little Drops of Happy. In addition to producing movies like Osas (Omoge Benin) and 77 Bullets, she also penned a script.

Her clothing business, Mag Divas, was established in November 2014. She established the Mercy Aigbe Gentry School of Drama in 2016. It is said that Mercy Aigbe has a $1 million net worth.

6. Dayo Amusa – $800,000

Full name: Temidayo Amusa
Date of birth: 20 July 1983
Age: 39 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Dayo Amusa made her screen debut in the 2012 film Osas (Omoge Benin), where she played a judge. She has since acted in other movies, including A Long Night, Meet the In-Laws, and The Stranger I Know. Two of her films, Pathetic and Unforgivable (Ainidariji), are created. It is said that she is worth $800,000.

7. Bukky Wright – $800,000

Full name: Oluwabukola Sekinat Ajoke Wright
Date of birth: 31 March 1967
Age: 55 years (as of January 2023)
Place of birth: Abeokuta, Nigeria

Bukky Wright gained notoriety for his roles in movies including Gidi Blues, Pure Honey, and The Narrow Path. Through the Soc, she campaigned for the senate seat in the Ogun State House of Representatives.