MC Is So Humble And Respectful, Fans Excited As King Saheed Osupa And MC Oluomo Finally Settle A Long Time Beef Between Them (Video).

In a surprising turn of events, Saheed Osupa, the renowned Fuji maestro, took to social media to share his sentiments about ending the long-standing rivalry with Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as MC Oluomo. This unexpected reconciliation has generated excitement among Yoruba film royalty, including figures like Kemi Korede and Iya Ibadan Sneh, who eagerly anticipate witnessing this magnificent truce.

The historic end to the prolonged feud between Saheed Osupa and MC Oluomo unfolded during an event in Agege, where the two titans not only engaged in their customary small talk but also exchanged heartfelt hugs. The unexpected reconciliation, marked by genuine warmth and camaraderie, left onlookers in awe, and the audience erupted in cheers at the unexpected ceasefire.

A widely shared video captured the moment when MC Oluomo visibly lowered his head in a gesture of respect for the Fuji master, creating a powerful image that resonated with fans and followers. The unannounced truce between the two prominent figures has been met with positive reactions, symbolizing a significant step toward unity and cooperation.

Saheed Osupa further surprised the Instagram community by sharing two videos that showcased the formal end of hostilities between him and MC Oluomo. This unexpected development has sparked conversations about the power of reconciliation and the potential for fostering unity even in the face of longstanding disputes.

As the Yoruba film industry watches this reconciliation unfold, the newfound harmony between Saheed Osupa and MC Oluomo serves as a testament to the possibility of mending fences and promoting peace in the entertainment and public spheres.

Captioning the first video, he wrote: “Let peace and love lead! New Friends are nice but old friends are better…It has been settled, S’ope Otilo.” SEE VIDEO AND POST BELOW:


To the joy of the audience, Osupa and MC Oluomo took center stage at an event in the follow-up video, where the singer performed a song that reflected their reunion. “It was a nostalgic moment today at the office of my darling friend and brother @kingmcoluomo, I joyfully relished the good old memories and felt glad that the machetes have been buried forever,” he captioned the second video. See Video Below;


Prominent Yoruba film actors, including as Iya Ibadan sneh, Kemi Korede, and Wosila coded, flocked to his comment area, brimming with anticipation for their reunion and reconciliation. Their excitement was contagious, causing the comment section to erupt with enthusiasm. “Papi permit to post you and your brother old school pictures sir @kingsaheedosupa @kingmcoluomo,” an excited Kemi wrote. “See me smiling like mumu, my wish finally come true 1 love brothers,” Iya Ibadan sneh wrote See Social Media Reaction Below; Orezy22: Oya otiloooor I like this MC is too humble Ajeeeee him still bend down to Greet Saheed ❤️🙌. Austine_shyne: Who else’s notice say that cross chains the man drag was later cut 😮 Jummygold2015: I like this but MC is too humble o.God bless you sir @kingmcoluomo @kingsaheedosupa. Bolajuade: Koko Zaria genuinely loves Osupa, not surprised Osupa showed his wife love even at the peak of everything. Ayam_palesh: I too like saheed, he no like wahala, na him Dey enter their Kaba himself. One Love.


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng