“May Your Glory Shine From Generations To Generations”- Tola Oladokun Shower Prayers On Kunle Afod As He Suprised Her With Cash Of 100k Same Day He Returns From London

Popular Yoruba actor Kunle Afod who went on vacation with his wife has recently returned and has resumed his act of kind to visit many Veteran actress and actor. Just as the actor returned he decided to visit Mama Tola Oladokun with gift her fans gifted her. As the veteran saw him she was happy and said in yoruba “husband of old woman” she gave him a tight hug.

The actor brought out the sum of hundred thousand naira out and gave it to her that her fans has sent him to her.

Tola Oladokun was very grateful for his kind gesture and shower him with prayers including his children for taking care of her.

He wrote: Back home
Quickly I have to visit visit our veterans
Aunty TOLA Oladokun don miss me
God bless bless all the givers for they will never lack ..
God bless our veterans, for they shall eat from their talent
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Iamabikeadeyemi wrote: God bless you for all that you do sir 🙏

Becyswt wrote: You just came back, u didn’t even rest. God bless your egbon

Femiogunrotimi wrote: I understand how important it is to stay connected with our Yoruba movie veterans, and I appreciate your efforts in doing so. Your dedication is truly admirable and I want to thank you for being such a wonderful supporter.

Obamonimi wrote: The prayer is deep….aanu ti e o ni di tawon omo e lowo🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng