“May your daughter, Priscilla get a mother-in-law like Mohbad’s mum”- Man prays, Iyabo Ojo reacts

In celebration of the 50th birthday of the late singer Mohbad’s mother on Wednesday, April 10, Yoruba actress Iyabo Ojo garnered attention with her counsel aimed at young women. She urged them to seek a mother-in-law akin to Mohbad’s late mother, praising her as an exceptional woman.

She wrote in part:  “Young ladies, when you pray for a mother inlaw…… pray God gives you someone like this woman, who will stand by you and your children through thick and thin…… you’re indeed a rare one, and i know Mohbad will be so happy and proud of you in spirit for standing by and protecting his wife and son against all odds.”

In response to a man’s prayer on the actress’s post asking for Iyabo’s daughter to have a mother-in-law similar to Mohbad’s mother, she responded with a “Amen.”

Look below for the man’s post:

real_mr_ace: “May Priscilla get a Mother in-law like her in Jesus name. Amen!”

See more reactions: heistundex_: “God will give your son a woman like wumi in Jesus amen.”

officialhollarwholey: “May your son get married to someone like her Amen…she’s a good woman.”

dandrogba70: “Hbd mama imole and thanks to Aunty iyabo too. May your son Marry Person like Wunmi and Have Mother-in-law like Iya Mohbad jare.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng