May God provide better work for us, University graduate burns his certificates due to a 13-year job search struggle, evoking a sense of sadness in the video.

A trending video depicts a Nigerian University graduate burning his certificates due to the frustration of being unable to secure a good job after completing his education, eliciting various reactions.

After 13 years of post-graduation job struggles, the disgruntled Ajayi Crowther University graduate sets fire to all his certificates, including his degree and NYSC certificate, in frustration over the lack of a good job.

In the video, a middle-aged Nigerian graduate conveys his sorrow about the state of affairs in the country. He laments having to compete for jobs with illiterate individuals despite holding a University degree.

The University graduate asserts that possessing the certificates serves no purpose, deeming them a complete waste of time.

Providing further justification for burning his certificates, the man highlighted that some foreign countries don’t recognize Nigerian degrees, emphasizing the need for individuals to acquire additional skills.

Despite a voice urging him not to burn his certificate in the background, the University graduate remained resolute, stating that possessing numerous certificates held no significance since there seemed to be no distinction between literates and illiterates in Nigeria.

He went on to advise others to pursue practical skills instead of attending University, criticizing the value of certificates awarded by higher institutions.

While burning the certificates, he pointed out that the job he is about to secure comes from a friend who didn’t attend University, emphasizing that they both attended the same primary school.

Watch the video below;

marketingicon1: This indicates that the guy lacks literacy, as going to school should involve self-development for societal contributions, not just waiting for a job.

liborous_oshoma_gcfr: His peers are creating opportunities while he’s searching for a job. Education should teach problem-solving, but this situation suggests he merely passed through the system, a common trend in Nigeria.

magni_ken: Thunder should strike anyone criticizing the guy. He can recover those certificates, and addressing his frustration this way is valid. Graduates should strive to change the world without depending on employment. Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

sunfamson: Next week, a place he applied to might offer him a significant position. Foolishness, indeed.

zaza_coin: Anyone insulting this guy may not prosper. I understand your pain, brother.

ibrahim.moshood.7: Certificates have made a difference for some people. Cheating has consequences. Encourage younger generations to choose courses wisely and engage in entrepreneurship. Unemployment exists worldwide, and qualifications matter.

phetty_081: No need to be sad. The guy can explore teaching or acquire demanding skills in a few months. Education is not solely for a 9-5 job; he passed through school, and the school didn’t pass through him. The primary goal is not just a job but learning skills.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng