May God bless you dis is what I want, Nigerian man r£wards his girlfriend with N100k for unfollowing Naira Marley on IG

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A Nigerian man has expressed his appreciation by rewarding his girlfriend with N100,000 for her decision to unfollow Naira Marley on Instagram.

The man was pleased with his girlfriend’s choice to discontinue following Naira Marley, and he decided to show his gratitude by gifting her a sum of N100,000.

This gesture underscores the value people place on their partners’ choices and the lengths to which they may go to express their gratitude and support in relationships.

This generous act of rewarding a girlfriend for unfollowing Naira Marley on Instagram has garnered significant attention and reactions from the online community. Here are some of the comments from people who have weighed in on this unique gesture:

1. User123: “Wow, this is a different level of commitment! If my partner paid me for unfollowing certain accounts, I’d be rich by now! 😂”

2. SocialInfluencer45: “I see this as a sign of true love and respect. It’s important to support each other’s choices, even on social media.”

3. RelationshipGuru101: “In a world filled with relationship drama, it’s refreshing to see a couple who can appreciate each other’s preferences. This is what love should be about!”

4. CuriousCynthia: “I wonder how Naira Marley would react to this. He should start a campaign for people to follow him and get rewarded for it! 🤣”

5. SupportiveSquad: “This man deserves an award for being so thoughtful. It’s a simple yet meaningful gesture that shows he values their relationship.”

6. InstaFameSeeker: “I’d follow and unfollow anyone for that kind of reward! Where do I sign up? 😄”

7. LoveAndRespect: “This just goes to show that small acts of appreciation can mean the world to someone. It’s not about the money; it’s about the sentiment behind it.”

This story highlights the diverse reactions and opinions that can emerge from even the most unconventional acts of appreciation in relationships.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng