“Lonely At The Top”– Ashabi Simple Enjoying Herself As Portable Don Carry The Real Wife Japa To Southy

Ashabi Simple, the Portable’s side chic and mother of his child, has posted a video from her vacation, showcasing her enjoyment. She’s been sharing various videos since Portable and his primary wife, Omobewaji, traveled to South Africa, hinting at feelings of neglect and jealousy. Despite this, netizens applaud her self-care and radiant complexion.

Read some social media reaction below;

Tinu_orlah wrote: Your skin is skinning🥰🥰🥰, osunmo black and shine ojinasi Caro white skin😃🥰🥰🥰🥰

Ifenuyi wrote: Ashabi ashabi stop disgracing me o😂 spoon is use for stirring not drinking, delete before opeyemi reach here

Stanley_6_to_6 wrote: Portable just get ashabi for free as wife him non go too spend on this girl, Omon this lady they work hard evidence they.

Officialrichwell wrote: See her dressing the different is clear go school oooo you go get all the senses ❤🔥❤

Queen.adunniade2023 wrote: i thought it was me o, God my heart left my body😂😂😂,do we really look alike

Bukola4458 wrote: Please , stop this weight loss  thing, you are okay with your stature abeg.

Callmeriike_star wrote: @eniolaofekitikete_32 for you to work on your English and spelling, nah another person matter you Dey poke nose to up and down oloshi

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng