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“What Is Happening To All Nollywood Veteran Actor”– Massive Reaction As Lady Revealing The Living Condition Of Veteran Actor Pa Peter Fatomila

A heartwarming video circulating on social media has sparked conversations as a young Nigerian woman surprises her centenarian grandmother with a visit, accompanied by veteran Nollywood actor Pa Peter Fatomilola. The touching footage not only captures the joyous reunion with the elderly grandmother but also sheds light on the living conditions of the renowned actor.

The content creator’s journey to her hometown becomes a source of positive news and joy for her family. The surprise visit to the home of Pa Peter Fatomilola, however, draws attention to concerns about the state of his residence despite his past recognition as a legendary actor in Nollywood.

Social media users expressed shock and concern over the living conditions of Pa Peter Fatomilola. Comments like moyosoreelijah’s questioning the veteran actor’s situation and dr_okpos expressing surprise at the condition of his house were prominent. Many users lamented that such a revered figure in the Yoruba movie industry should live in seemingly poor conditions.

lighted_shield emphasized the significance of Pa Peter Fatomilola in the industry, stating, “Yoruba movie industry is nothing without this man and ogunde.” Concerns were raised about the need for better living conditions for the veteran actor, with comments like edibles_by_mide expressing disbelief that a veteran actor would reside in such a place.

The video ignited a conversation about the financial well-being of actors in the industry, with users questioning whether they are adequately compensated for their contributions. kimajikabili expressed astonishment at the living conditions, stating, “Why is nobody talking about the living condition of a legend like baba Peter Fatomilola??”

The video not only showcased the power of familial bonds and surprise visits but also sparked a broader discussion about the challenges and recognition faced by veteran actors in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

moyosoreelijah stated: “Why is everyone ignoring the fact that a veteran actor pa Peter Fatomilola is living under that kind of poor condition😞.”

dr_okpos added: “Wait oo,that baba fatomilola no be that legendary actor be that,see where him dey stay,I know say na village but at least dem for make the place dey comfortable for am na🤦🤦after people like funke akindele go come online to talk plenty grammar when him kpai🤦.”

lighted_shield wrote: “Did anyone see lengendary Peter fatomilola 😢. Yoruba movie industry is nothing without this man and ogunde. God may I not be famous and poor, rather keep the fame and give me the riches.”

kreamykitchencatering penned: “No one is talking about Baba fatomilola’s house looks 🥹🥹🥹 or is he on set ? Abi is that not legend baba fatomilola.”

edibles_by_mide said: “Wait na veteran actor dey live for that kind house 🥺🥺 GoD Abeg oo .. ain’t they paying this old people well in the industry ??”

kimajikabili stated: “Why is nobody talking about the lining condition of a legend like baba Peter Fatomilola?? Ha! This man is too big yo be living in this kinda place with that kinda sitting room.”

Watch the video below …