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“This woman does not even have shaame at all” Kunle Afod’s wife, Desola gets slammed as she vows to never leave him over infidelity (Video)

Desola Afod’s recent statement expressing unwavering commitment to her husband, Kunle Afod, has ignited diverse reactions, with some labeling her as having low self-esteem. The nuanced discussions surrounding personal statements on relationships and self-esteem reveal the complexity of navigating public perceptions in the realm of matrimony.

In a candid interview with Debbie Shokoya on her Talk Show, Desola, a mother of four boys, made a resolute vow never to leave her husband, even in the face of potential infidelity. Her rationale echoes a pragmatic perspective, acknowledging that leaving her husband over such issues doesn’t guarantee a fidelity-filled relationship with the next man.

Desola emphasizes that Kunle Afod, while not perfect, is a good man. She articulates her commitment to the marriage, emphasizing that unless faced with physical assault, she sees no reason to consider leaving her husband.

The public’s response to Desola’s stance has been varied, with some interpreting her commitment as a form of self-denial, while others commend her perseverance and tolerance in navigating the complexities of marriage.

The interview becomes a platform for exploring the intricacies of commitment, self-esteem, and the imperfections inherent in any marriage. Desola’s perspective challenges societal expectations and prompts reflection on individual choices within the context of matrimony.

As conversations unfold, it becomes evident that perceptions of commitment and self-esteem in relationships are deeply personal and subject to a myriad of factors. Desola Afod’s candid revelation adds a layer of authenticity to the ongoing discourse surrounding the dynamics of marriage in the public eye.

“Kunle Afod is not perfect but he is a good man. If I decide to leave him based on what people say or what he did, I will still meet the same thing where I’m going.

“Let me get this straight, you ask that I leave my husband because he is cheating, will the new man I am going for not cheat? Debby, I won’t lie to you, it’s a lie it is a big lie. I tell people to always persevere understand themselves and be tolerant. And like I said, no marriage is perfect”.


Reacting to her interview, netizens tagged her as a woman with low self-esteem they berated her for such a statement.

One Everything Mayowa wrote, “Sorry but this interview is not only embarrassing but it’s giving me pick me vibes. Does this woman know there are sexually transmitted diseases that are not curable

One Culcookies wrote, “God teach me to raise my daughters right! What kind of illiteracy is this? Low self-esteem and thinking you are unworthy are simply why a woman accepts cheating and because Nigeria isn’t open to women becoming more

One Annie Bestowed wrote, “Low self-esteem. Anyways you live your choice

One Loveliness wrote, “If low-self esteem was a person. You open door to disrespect after you’ll as who raised these men. The question should be who enable these men”.